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Develop specific solutions in plastics (polyurethane moulding and thermoplastics injection), for supporting the automobile industry.


Manufacturers of automobiles as well as sub-assemblies and equipment used in the automobile industry.


Essentially for painting and assembly lines. But also… installations of sub-assemblies and spare parts manufacturers, supply of third level parts mounted on vehicles.


PSA - Renault - Ford - Fiat- Volkswagen - Volvo- Kia-Mini


EXSTO supplies polyurethane components for die-stamping tools and stamping presses.
For example:

  • Cutting blocks
  • Springs
  • Limits on presses…

These products are made of UREFLEX® and ELADIP® polyurethane

Sheet-metal assembly

Exsto provides polyurethane components for assembly lines.

  • Accessories on doors
  • Fittings for welding and assembling robots.

These products are made of UREFLEX® and ELADIP® polyurethane


EXSTO provides support for the development of specific disposable accessories necessary for the painting of vehicles at all levels of the treatment line.
These accessories are developed for each specific project based on an expertise unique in this field.

Painting tools:

  • Mastic rubbing down inserts

Some of these accessories are covered by international patents.

Accessories for mounting

EXSTO designs and develops supports and protections suited to the constraints of assembly lines:

  • Engine supports.
  • Protections of body…
  • Gearbox supports.
  • Supports and protections of doors and openings (on slings, skids, conveyors…)
  • Supports of screwing machines.
  • And also all custom parts for facilitating handling and assembly.
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