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A ballast module is a steel component comprised of 2 halves which are clamped onto a cable or flexible line to add some weight and stability, often combined with buoyancy modules.

For example, a combination of ballast element and buoyancy module can be use to create a “lazy wave” arrangement subsea.


Our ballast elements are designed from steel or cast iron based on requirements supplied by our clients. The ballast elements are designed to accommodate specific cable or flexible line sizes and tolerances as well as a specified weight in air and water. They are optimised to avoid inducing excessive localised stresses and pressure onto the structure they clamp.

They are typically coated to Norsok M501 standard and are equipped with their own cathodic protection designed in accordance with client supplied specification and in-house cathodic protection calculations. Different coating systems can be accommodated upon request.

Design parameters:

The following parameters (typical) are needed to design ballast systems:

• Pipe dimensions including tolerances • Pipe coating material • Required ballast weight in water • In service cable or pipe MBR • System operating temperature • Design life
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