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EXSTO, a French SME (200 employees and a 32 M€ turnover expected for 2015), specialist in polymer molding used in many industries such as Oil and Gas, Automotive and Aeronautics, is restructuring its capital via a second Leverage Management Buy Out (LMBO).

Christophe TORRES becomes the major shareholder and President of the new holding company, CAPEXSTO 2, which will own all of EXSTO shares. As per the precedent LMBO, the four main managers of EXSTO, Jean-Marc PENELON (Deputy Managing Director), Stéphane PERCHE (Technical Director), Frédéric GUBIAN (Production Director) and Alexandre ROCHER (Purchasing and QSE Director), complete the managerial participation in CAPEXSTO 2 capital.

The other financial players, completing the circle of investors of CAPEXSTO 2, are: • SIPAREX, not only a new capital investment partner, but also the major financial investor of CAPEXSTO 2 • BNP PARIBAS Developpement, already a partner of the precedent LMBO and who has increased its financial investment • MAELO Romans, a holding company grouping MAELO and its investing partners who were majority financial investors in the preceding LMBO. • EXIMIUM, a holding company created by Michel BAULE, founder of EXSTO in 1976 This operation has two main strategic objectives.

The first is EXSTO’s expansion towards international markets such as in Brazil (EXSTO Brasil Ltda near Sao Paulo in 2010), United States (EXSTO US Inc. in Ann Arbor near Detroit in 2013), UK (EXSTO UK in Melsham in 2006), Germany (Sales Office in Berlin) and Italy (Buy out of TECNOTEC near Turin in May 2015).

The second is to grasp any opportunity that will present itself to expand through company acquisitions.

In becoming the major shareholder of CAPEXSTO 2, EXSTO’s Management consolidates its commitment within the company, reinforces its capacity to complete all its development projects and allows this SME to become an ISE with an expectation of reaching a 50 M€ turnover within the next five years.

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