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The Exsto “Cupromark” marine antifouling marker system was developed alongside its sister product Cuproprene in response to the Oil & Gas Industry’s requirement, for long term underwater asset and apparatus identification. The Cupromark range of markers will maximise effective use of diver ROV AUV and DSV time, during inspection, repair and maintenance.

The markers can be installed on offshore steel of concrete structures, templates, manifolds, X-mas trees, wellheads, spoolpieces, pipelines, and umbilicals to name but a few.

The antifouling capability of Cupromark is the result of extensive testing and research for over 20 years.

In order to provide permanent subsea identification, markers must remain clear of marine growth throughout the lifetime of the offshore/subsea structure. This performance is achieved by exploiting the antifouling properties of copper.

The copper nickel used has excellent corrosion and antifouling properties as well as higher erosion resistance than other 90/10 alloys. The bulk of the cupro-nickel remains below the surface of the marker and the antifouling effect continues at a controlled rate over many years.

Cupromark markers are pigmented in high visibility yellow (background) and black (character colour). Visibility tests carried out have proven this colour combination to the most effective, and this has been adopted as standard.

Specially developed installation systems are available for securing the markers:

  • Including vulcanising
  • Cold bond adhesives
  • A variety of strapping systems.
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