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Our Bend Stiffener products are designed for subsea and top side use at the connection point between a flexible (flexible flowline, umbilical, electric cable…) and a structure (PLEM, clamp, FPSO). The general purpose of the Bend Stiffener is to provide additional stiffness to the cable/flexible and depending on specific design parameters, to limit bending stresses and excessive curvature, by transferring the load created by the cable and installation method to the supporting structure during installation or its design life.

Two types of Bend Stiffeners can be supplied:

  • Static Bend Stiffeners
  • Dynamic Stiffeners


A “static” Bend Stiffener is typically supplied for installation needs. The static Bend Stiffener is designed for a single or a limited amount of uses (usually during the first installation of the flexible / structure subsea). The static Bend Stiffener is designed using computer software (Orcabend) to generate the shape and size of the Bend Stiffener, typically based on client supplied information, such as cable and load specifications.For static design solutions, Exsto can supply either a retrofit stiffener (one conical part, see picture 1 above) or a split stiffener.

Used in dynamic applications, the Dynamic Bend Stiffener will be subjected to cyclic and dynamic loads. Based on the client supplied load studies, our Bend Stiffeners are designed to ensure that the flexible does not sustain any damage at the termination point during its design life.

The following parameters (minimum) are needed to design the Bend Stiffeners:

  • Flexible dimensions including tolerances
  • MBR Range (Transport / Service, etc)
  • Loads (Dynamic Analysis / Static Tension vs Angle)
  • System operating temperature
  • Design life.
Key data:
  • External line diameter: between 30mm and 16 inches.
  • Length: between 1200mm and 8000mm.
  • Weight per limiter: between 15kg and 3500kg of polyurethane.
  • External diameter: between 300mm and 2000mm.
  • With or without external protection.
  • Anti-corrosion treatment via zinc plating, electroless nickel plating or paint.
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