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Our offer

With a technical team working with the most advanced technologies of its sector, EXSTO can fully satisfy at source the needs of its customers and offer turn-key solutions for the development and industrialisation of their products.

Our resources

The EXSTO Research and Development Centre includes :

  • a physical and chemical test laboratory
  • an industrialisation zone for new products
  • a mechanical test room for assisting you in your innovative and demanding projects.

Our Design Office

The EXSTO Design Office, with its rich experience in the development of moulded polyurethane (PU) and injected thermoplastic (TP) products can help you design and develop your parts and products.

This work integrates three different aspects: design of style parts with complex shapes, design of industrial parts or multi-component assemblies and finite element modelling.

Along with product design services, EXSTO also offers tool designing.

This enables EXSTO to deliver under one roof the entire product chain from development to industrialisation and production of polyurethane moulded and thermoplastic injected parts.


The originality of our production processes engenders diversity capable meeting all challenges.

Based on its know-how and experience of more than twenty years in the conversion of polyurethane systems and thermoplastic materials, EXSTO conducts full-fledged pilot phases before the launch of your new products.

From raw material quality inspection to finishing operations on products, the entire production chain is optimised for delivering high quality products.

This in turn enables us to offer you the most efficacious industrial solutions, based on our unique know-how in automation applied to medium production runs.

Design of industrial parts and multi-component products.

We use the Solidworks CAD/CAM software for developing industrial parts and assembling components.

This CAD/CAM software widely used in mechanical industries because of its user-friendliness and its efficacy helps us provide a speedy response to your requirements.

We are capable of designing your products strictly matching their specifications and respecting your product and process constraints.

Mechanical design

The use of Cosmosworks solver allows us to develop mechanical studies and dimensioning based on finite element analysis of isolated products or assemblies: calculation of displacement under load, calculation of stresses and deformations.

An up-to-date knowledge of our materials allows to adapt and validate the best choice possible for the design, conforming to your constraints.

Using the universal CAD/CAM interface (format type STEP, IGES and Parasolid) we are able to exchange data easily with your Design Office even if it is working on other CAD/CAM software (Pro-engineer, Unigraphics…).

In our desire to have full control over the product/process in all its specialized aspects, we have completely integrated the design of polyurethane moulds.


Advanced materials for all types of applications and meeting toughest challenges.

Backed by its experience of polyurethane systems and its chemical networks, EXSTO brings to its customers its know-how acquired through the development of a sophisticated product range.

Besides its knowledge of formulations, EXSTO can also assist you in the process of qualification and characterisation of materials, using techniques based on advanced technology: rheological, thermal, thermodynamic, chemical and spectroscopic analyses.

We can provide you with support in the development and certification of materials for use in industrial sectors with stringent quality criteria, such as defence, aeronautical, construction, automobile, petroleum and energy.

In addition to physical and chemical analyses, we are also well-equipped for conducting mechanical characterisations: traction, flexion, compression, tearing, abrasion and resilience tests. Our tests are all standardised and can be adapted for matching your specifications.

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