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Plastics engineers specialising in the moulding and machining of parts in polyurethane and thermoplastics, Exsto has extensive experience and a perfect knowledge of plastics.

Exsto offers innovative elastomeric solutions, tailored to your needs. Our skill areas are : moulding of compact polyurethane elastomers, moulding of cellular polyurethane elastomers, injection of thermoplastics, machining of polyurethane elastomers.

The machining, cutting, marking polyurethane elastomers and plastics. Exsto develops products and solutions for all areas of industry as automotive, offshore, aeronautics, buidling and construction, special machine, ...

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ZI 55 av. de la Déportation
BP 280 - 26100 Romans Cedex
Tél. 33 (0)4 75 72 72 72 - Fax 33 (0)4 75 72 26 11
E-mail: info@exsto.com