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Insulation covers

Subsea pipelines, flowlines or risers are subjected to extreme conditions during their service life. The transfer of high temperature hydrocarbon in a cold subsea environment brings temperature control challenges. To insure a good flow of hydrocarbon within the pipelines, constant temperature needs to be achieved. Pipeline connection flanges or end fittings along the transfer pipe can create cold spots which during production or unforeseen shut-down periods would favour oil wax formation due to temperature drops. Oil waxing can become a problem on long transfer pipelines as the flow rate could be reduced. To prevent such temperature drops, the use of insulation covers at specific locations is recommended.

Following extensive material testing, Exsto has designed an Insulation Cover material to answer some of the insulation issues mentioned above.

A 3D model of an insulation cover can be seen below:


Our insulation cover is manufactured from tough Polyurethane material which has been selected for its insulation performance under a wide range of service temperatures. The Exsto Insulation covers are designed in half shell form to allow easy installation at any stage of the project (on-shore, offshore or retro-fit). Our insulation covers are designed to provide good insulation as well as ensuring a certain water flow within the system to prevent pressure build up due to temperature increase.

Our flexible design approach ensures that our product can be designed to suit client specific needs.

The following parameters (typical) are needed to design an Insulation Cover:

  • Pipe size
  • Connection flange dimensions
  • Design life
  • Required insulation properties (e.g. Thermal conductivity)
  • Maximum working temperatures
  • Required Installation Method
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