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Flexible pipes / cables often require protection from:

  1. Abrasion.
  2. Impact loads during installation.
  3. Crossing locations of pipes.
  4. In the touchdown region where the pipe can make contact with the seabed in a dynamic loading condition.
  5. The risk of dropped objects.

EXSTO typically manufactures 4 different types of Mechanical Protection, which protect against Impact and Abrasion: :

  • SCIP PU (Spirally Cut Impact Protection) (figure 1)
  • SCIP Rubber (figure 3)
  • SCIP HDPU (High Density PU)
  • HIP Half-shell Impact Protection (figure 2)
SCIP PU - figure 1
HIP - figure 2


The products can be manufactured from polyurethane or rubber (hardness range 75 – 90 Shore A). All products are secured on the pipe/cable with the aid of a banding system.

The banding is manufactured from polymer or metallic materials :

  • SCIP has the added advantage of speedier installation and in horizontal applications it can be supplied with sacrificial banding due to the spiral cut feature.
  • HDPU SCIP provides additional weight and hence stability to the pipe.
    Installation SCIP Thunderhorse TECHNIP
  • HIP provides an excellent balance between impact protection and overall weight. All products can be made in a range of lengths, typically 1m – 3m long per article. The design parameters can be changed to accommodate a wide range of impact and/or abrasion loads to suit particular in-service and installation requirements. Calculations are performed to estimate amongst others:
  1. Impact energy absorbed.
  2. Abrasion Resistance.

The following parameters (typical) are needed to design a particular Mechanical Protection system:

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