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Our skills

Our objectives

Develop innovative polymer solutions for severe environments.
Propose solutions with high value addition for our customers and to be recognised for our problem-solving approach. Our method is to draft a set of specifications with our customers in order to design products satisfying their needs.
Develop our sales in export markets.
Support our customers in their export efforts.
Maintain our leadership in the market.

Our know-how

We are plastics engineers specialized in the moulding and machining of parts in polyurethane and thermoplastics.

EXSTO forms a unique skill centre, dedicated to design, development and production of parts for engineering applications and semi-finished products for all types of industries.

We develop tailor-made parts satisfying the requirements of our customers from a variety of industrial domains.

Our skill areas

A mastery of plastics engineering materials and their production processes, such as:

  • Moulding of compact polyurethane elastomers
  • Moulding of cellular polyurethane elastomers
  • Injection of thermoplastics (PA6, PP, PC…)
  • Machining of polyurethane elastomers.
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