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Polyurethanes moulding


Our products

For specific needs, EXSTO develops formulations of polyurethane elastomer in order to create a product perfectly adapted to specified requirements.

EXSTO proposes a wide range of standard products. UREFLEX®and ELADIP® allow producing parts for technical applications where resistance to abrasion, and tearing, ability to absorb shocks and dynamic stresses and withstand fatigue are among the critical requirements.

Our know-how

The polyurethanes are applied by casting. We propose thermosetting polyurethane elastomers in a wide range of hardness, from 0 ShA to 85 ShD.

This process is very flexible because it allows the moulding of parts ranging from a few grams to several tonnes, one-off or large production runs, by means of fully automatic moulding cells.

The polyurethane elastomers offer great mechanical and chemical advantages that can meet almost all types of stresses:

  • Mechanical stresses
    Dynamic, damping, resistance to tearing or abrasion, resistance to fatigue, etc.
  • Chemical stresses
    Resistance to hydrolysis, hydrocarbons, inks, solvents, etc.

Our strength

The low cost of producing tools is an important aspect of this technology.

The majority of our tools is machined in aluminium or steel or they are mechanically welded. In certain cases, we can also produce moulds in resin or silicone.

All the moulds and tools are carefully maintained, stored and managed in order to offer the optimal response for delivering the orders rapidly to the customers.

EXSTO’s moulding shops are equipped with a production tool that is among the best in the world, allowing the production of polyurethane elastomer parts ranging from a few grams to several tonnes.

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