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Quality - Environment

Our commitment towards quality and respect for the environment

Our corporate policy is based notably on the following fundamental values:

Satisfaction of our customers and enhancing of our corporate image.

Supply of performing and innovative products made of polyurethane elastomers and thermoplastics.

Continuous improvement of our processes organised as Business Units.

Training of all our personnel.

Management and reduction of wastes at the source and emphasis on sorting and recycling.

Improvement of our work environment for always increasing safety and reducing risks.

More specifically:

Exsto is capable developing and implementing quality plans drafted for meeting the most stringent requirements of specialised domains such as Offshore and Automobile, besides industry at large.

Exsto monitors on a daily basis a system managing the safety of its atmospheric emissions, for controlling their impact on the environment.

Exsto encourages its suppliers to introduce the principles of this charter in their own corporate policy and request all readers of this charter to apply them to their own activities.

EXSTO is certified ISO 9001 since 2000.
ISO 9001 (PDF 1.5 Mb)

EXSTO is certified ISO 14001 since january 2013.
ISO 14001 (PDF 787.6 kb)

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