Polyurethane performance

Do you really know polyurethane?

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Moulded polyurethane is a real alternative to plastic, metal or rubber for many applications. It is one of the most versatile and durable materials.

Its manufacturing process with relatively low tooling costs, make it a perfect alternative to more commonly used materials in a variety of applications.

Many designers of products, engineering offices and technicians may be surprised by the physical versatility of polyurethane. Able to be as flexible as a rubber band or as rigid as certain metals, cast polyurethane is particularly suitable for parts requiring hardness and durability.


Comparative PU VS. other materials

Vs. Plastic
  • Unlike plastic, cast polyurethane does not require high pressure tools, which speeds up lead times and reduces mould costs.

    The tooling costs 1/5 less than plastic..



  • Faster and more accurate prototypes.
  • More durable and wear-resistant.
Vs. Metal
  • One of the least known characteristics of polyurethane is its ability to be formulated for high rigidity, which often makes it a viable alternative to metal for valves and gears. The advanced manufacturing capability of molded polyurethane also eliminates the need for secondary operations, saving time and money in production.

  • Lighter weight.

  • Faster turnaround times and lower total costs.

  • Better corrosion resistance.

Vs. Rubber
  • With the elastic capacity of rubber, while being measured higher on the hardness scale, polyurethane may be a good choice for some parts because of its hardness.

  • Better wear resistance.
  • Higher load capacity.
  • Low pressure tools.

Exceptional characteritics

Temperature resistant

An incredible hardness scale that is suitable for many applications

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