Our UREFLEX® solutions

Are you seeking a material able to increase the lifetime of your products?

UREFLEX®, an outstanding polyurethane elastomer material responds to problems of premature wear, linked to abrasion, strong dynamic stresses, shocks and impacts, in a harsh environment. 

UREFLEX®’s main properties

UREFLEX® is the reference polyurethane for industrial players. For more than 40 years, it has surprised with its technical characteristics, which make it one of the most versatile and durable materials. It meets the most demanding industrial requirements and solves problems related to abrasion, high dynamic stresses, shocks and impacts.

Its high technicality adapts to all environments, even the most extreme, and increases the life of products. UREFLEX® is the ally of high-performance industry.


Abrasion resistance
Resistance to dynamic stresses
Tear resistance
Shock and impact resistance
Chemical resistance
Resistance to hydrolysis

UREFLEX®'s complementary properties

Shape memory
Bend restrictor
Sound insulation
Vibration insulator

UREFLEX®’s options

Food contact
Nuclear compatibility
UV resistant
Fire resistance
Electrical resistivity

How to choose the right UREFLEX® for your application ?


Premature wear phenomena are interdependent with a range of characteristics that can lead us to advise you to use different materials according to your environment.


You are experiencing serious problems of abrasion. Depending on the environment in which your components are used, dry or wet, we will advise you to use different UREFLEX® materials.

Examples of UREFLEX® series


Main Features:

  • Good dynamic properties
  • Available as an extremely hard material


  • TDI - Polyether 
  • MDI - Polyether (U80 without MOCA)

Hardness scale: From 80 shore A to 75 shore D

Materials:  U80 - U100 - U167 - U200 - U250 - U315

Examples of applications: rollers, springs, cutting surfaces, valves, dampers, forming dies, mallets, etc.


Main Features:

  • Excellent resistance to dry abrasion, tearing and fatigue.
  • Good stability in dry temperatures.

Type:  MDI – Polyester

Hardness scale : From 30 shore A to 95 shore A

Materials:  R300 - R400 - R500 - R600 - R700 - R800 - R900

Examples of applications: hydrocyclones, mixing blades, rollers, etc.


We have many other UREFLEX® materials to answer all your applications, do not hesitate to contact us.