EXSTO develops insulation covers solution

Subsea • 02 October 2019

EXSTO develops insulation cover solution for the Subsea market

Using its extensive knowledge of Polymer materials EXSTO developed the ELADEEP IC970 material, which is suitable for a wide range of applications in subsea environments.

The insulation covers are typically fitted on flanges, termination heads, or other connection points.

Their main purpose is to prevent cold spots in flexible pipes, or other connection systems and to provide a controlled cool down time if needed.

They are designed to satisfy a variety of conditions such as cool down conditions (temperature, duration) and client given parameters, such as design life and system temperatures.

The parts are supplied in 2 half shells and are designed to be easily installable and removable, if necessary.

 Finally EXSTO has in-house facilities to perform full scale submerged cool down tests to ensure that the covers perform according to the theoretical model’s prediction and the client’s specification.