Large dimension parts in UREFLEX® and ELADEEP® polyurethane

Efficient and competitive solutions for your large dimension projects

We will be with you, every step of the way, while developing tailor made products of oversize dimensions.

A unique talent: Large sized parts in polyurethane

A true expert and European leader, EXSTO offers its clients an unrivalled skill in the moulding of large dimensional polyurethane parts..

Large dimension Bend Stiffeners/ Bend restrictors in ELADEEP® flexible polyurethane

From the concept design to the manufacture, through all the intermediary qualifying stages, we assist our clients on all projects needing large dimensional parts.

EXSTO teams draw on more than 30 years of experience to offer solutions of the highest standards.

With our modern and efficient means of production, we can make polyurethane parts that weigh over 5 tons and having a length of 10 metres!


What kind of uses for large polyurethane parts?

Faithful to our PERFECTING PERFORMANCE approach, and a genuine partner to our clients, we offer customized solutions for projects concerning the improvements of service life, abrasion resistance, slipping, shock absorption, sealing, and much more….

UREFLEX® polyurethane allows for incredible freedom of concept and design: from the most flexible to the most rigid part, the only limit is your imagination.

Large dimension Clamp in UREFLEX rigid polyurethane

Rigid polyurethane large dimension structures

Did you know that EXSTO’s polyurethane is also available in different high end hardnesses? Our range of rigid polyurethane is an excellent choice for manufacturing complete parts or structures of large dimensions. The mechanical properties of UREFLEX® and ELADEEP® polyurethanes make them particularly suitable for use in harsh conditions and represent a unique alternative to the manufacture of welded structures.

In 2010, EXSTO participated in the CLOV project by supplying a series of plastic parts leading to a technological breakthrough and giving a decisive competitive advantage to the client. This project is a perfect example of the ingenious possibilities afforded by large sized polyurethane parts.

Application case: Large rigid polyurethane clamps for the CLOV project

The solution for competitive large size parts

The manufacturing process by moulding is an economical and quick solution to other processes such as machining that are costly and waste generating (lengthy production cycles, excessive shavings) 

Large dimension Pads in rigid polyurethane as alternatives to conventional plastics

Replacement of metallic parts

Simplification plans for parts, assemblies and sub-assemblies are key subjects within the industry (energy saving, effectiveness, safety initiatives, etc….).  With a low average density, EXSTO’s polyurethane allows the design of large size structures that respect stringent weight criteria. As a result of the unique properties of our polyurethanes, we often assist our clients in their efforts to replace metallic parts.​​​​​​​ 

Manufacture of large dimension plastic parts

With our unique manufacturing abilities, we can offer polyurethane parts whose size well exceeds the conventional dimensions of standard plastic parts found on the market. UREFLEX® and ELADEEP® polyurethanes, thus offer an efficient substitute solution for usual plastics such as HDPE, POM, NYLON6, etc…

Compare UREFLEX® with other plastics

Who uses large dimension polyurethane parts?

EXSTO is at the service of all industrial sectors even the most challenging.

Subsea - Offshore

We have lots of feedback to share from the Energy (Nuclear, Hydroelectricity, Wind power, Subsea oil and gas), Defence, Construction, Public works, and even Aeronautics industries.  

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