Protection, transfer and handling solutions.

Do you want to improve your productivity thanks to special tools on your assembly line?

We design and develop special tools in polyurethane to improve the protection of vehicles, components, operators, industrial resources, and assist with the handling and transfer of vehicles and components. 

Is the protection of components, vehicles and operators paramount on your assembly lines?

We have solutions for you.

Thanks to our unique expertise we design and develop special tools in polyurethane. 

Our goal is to increase your productivity during the transfer and handling phases by protecting: 

  • vehicles,
  • components,
  • operators,
  • and industrial resources.


A few examples of our solutions

  • Engine carriers
  • Gearbox stop brackets 
  • Combs for maintaining and protecting doors during transfer
  • Tailpipe tip protectors 
  • Screwdriver brackets 
  • Pocket diag protection 
  • Sill member protectors 
  • Door sill plates 
  • Dollies
  • Fixed combs
  • Motor forms
  • Motor forms
  • Screwdriver supports

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