Bend restrictors

EXSTO designs and manufactures the most reliable and highest quality Bend Restrictors in the world.


More than 20 years of experience in their design and manufacture. 


  • Products and performance unrivalled on the market
  • The most comprehensive certificate in accordance with to the API17L standard, approved by Bureau Veritas France. 


Items up to 400 kg and “bending moment” of more than 300 kNm

Solutions et innovations

  • Standard Bend Restrictors
  • High-temperature Bend Restrictors 
  • Simplified securing Bend Restrictors 


  • Bend restrictors are designed to mechanically restrict the flexible pipe from bending beyond its allowable MBR. Typical applications are support of a flexible pipe over free spans where there is the possibility of damaging the pipe structure because of over bending, wellhead connections, PLET connections, J-tube exits, rigid pipe crossovers and over a subsea buoy. Unlike bend stiffeners bend restrictors only provide protection once the flexible pipe has achieved a particular bend radius. Polymer bend restrictor elements are typically made from structural polyurethane. The main advantages of polymer bend restrictors over metallic ones is that they do not need any corrosion protection system and due to the low density of the polyurethane material they typically add less weight to the system.

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