Sealing Solutions

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  • J-tube seals


More than 20 years of experience in their design and manufacture. 


  • Design and manufacture of custom sealing systems 
  • In-house “full scale tests” 


  • "Diver installed"
  • Pull-in (Diverless)
  • "ROV" 
  • The inside surface of an I/J-Tube is often difficult to coat with traditional anti-corrosion systems, such as paint or application of anodes, etc. Hence a sealing device is often installed into the bottom of the tube, in order to seal the annulus between the I/J-Tube and the umbilical/flexible pipe and then the annulus is filled with corrosion-inhibited water. EXSTO typically manufactures two different types of I/J-Tube seals:

    Diver-installed Seal

    Diverless/Pull-in Seal

    In addition to the above standalone systems, EXSTO also manufactures combinations of Seals, Centralisers and Bend Limiting devices where a more comprehensive protection system is deemed necessary.