Our commitment to performance and responsibility

Our mission

Develop and produce high-performance solutions, using our expertise in technical polymers, to meet the challenges of today and future industries:

"Perfecting Performance"

Our vision

To be a key global player in high-performance solutions using elastomers and technical polymers, with a sustainable and responsible dynamic, 100% customer-oriented.

Our strategic pillars

In order to ensure lasting development and sustainability, our strategy revolves around 5 key areas:

1. Glocalization as a mode of development

We are focusing our efforts primarily on industrial markets with high added value, through organic growth and acquisition. By adopting a global perspective, we implement concrete actions tailored to each local context.


2. Innovation as a leitmotif

We are developing a “100% customer-oriented” culture by putting innovation at the core (product, process, organizational, distribution).


3. Industrial and digital performance

We are developing LEAN on all EXSTO Group sites, and encouraging the use of performance driving, digital tools.


4. Sustainability as the foundation of our actions

We are committed to a responsible and more sustainable approach to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


5. Human at the heart of performance

We ensure the human cohesion of the Group by developing team skills and integrating new talents.

Our values

One of the Group’s main values is initiative. It reflects our desire to take proactive measures to meet the challenges of our future society. Team spirit also fosters collaboration and cooperation among our teams, encouraging collective commitment to our sustainability goals. Adaptability allows us to align with the evolving economic, social, and environmental contexts. Finally, the EXSTO Group is above all a company that guarantees quality and professionalism.

Impact, our CSR project


Convinced of our responsibility towards our environment, our teams, and our stakeholders (employees, clients, suppliers, partners), we are determined to formalize our commitments.

As part of this approach, we have implemented the Impact project, our CSR initiative and strategic pillar of the Group. It is structured around four global axes, representing our concrete commitment to a sustainable and responsible future:

1. Activity

We commit to being a responsible Group, ensuring balanced financial health while promoting innovation to meet emerging needs. We manage our activities to better understand tomorrow’s challenges, guided by a clear mission and vision that incorporates essential values shared by our stakeholders.

3. Social

We place a high priority on ensuring the satisfaction and well-being of our teams by promoting responsible management. We are also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion while ensuring health, safety at work, and value sharing.

2. Governance

We value transparent, inclusive, and collective governance, fostering trust with our stakeholders, encouraging participation in decision-making, and striving for professional equality.


4. Environment

Sustainability is a core pillar of our identity, guiding all our actions. Our choices of durable and resilient materials reflect our commitment to environmental preservation. We implement concrete actions to minimize our ecological footprint, such as optimizing our energy consumption and waste management in our production processes, and adopting sustainable practices across all our activities.

By integrating sustainability into the heart of our strategic decisions, we affirm our commitment as an active participant in building a sustainable future, not only for the EXSTO Group but also for local communities and the preservation of our environment.

"Actively working to be a responsible, respectful, and committed Group is at the heart of our Impact project."


- Céline Laget, leader of the Impact Project within the EXSTO Group