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In the last 5 years the emergence of Floating Wind Turbine technologies is promising to continue to expand the harnessing of wind energy. Floating offshore wind is still in its stages of development, with the first commercial projects coming to the market soon. The ability to install the turbines in deeper waters, enabling harnessing stronger winds and reducing visual pollution is a clear advantage of floating wind over the existing bottom-fixed solutions.

EXSTO, as one of the worldwide leaders of providing protection solutions for submarine cables has taken an early interest in this field. In 2017 EXSTO supplied bend restrictors for France’s first floating project: Floatgen. The pilot project has been thus far a success, delivering very good results. Since then EXSTO has continued to supply products for Floating offshore wind projects such as the Biscay Marine Energy Park (BIMEP) Floating wind farm.

Long standing experience

Our long standing experience and excellent performance in the offshore industry makes us a reliable supplier to partner with and help you develop your future floating offshore wind projects. From small scale products suitable for static applications to very large parts, such as dynamic bend stiffeners (> 5 tons) and bend restrictors (> 400kgs), EXSTO uses a technology led approach to ensure that the best solution is selected for your application’s requirements.

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Fecamp Calvados
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Baleares & Cyclades Project
RTE St Nazaire (multiple supplies)

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