Paintshop Solutions

Do you want to improve the performance of your Paintshop?

We have got a solution: we design and we make special tools to improve productivity. 

Tailor-made plastic tools that take into account:

The vehicle

  • Architecture (Design)
  • Specifications
  • Developpement milestones

and the production plant

  • Conveyors & transfers
  • Handling / automation
  • Painting processes

How do we help improve your performance ?

A unique expertise

Thanks to our expertise which is unique on the market, we create specific tailor-made tools which: 

  • Reduce set-up and removal times (ultra-fast) 
  • Improve the end quality (reduction in corrections) 
  • Optimize logistic flows
  • Are 100% compatible with robots 

A premium service

A premium service, meeting your needs:

  • We assign a dedicated support team to each project
  • We offer support from design until end of product life

Our promise





Current products

Our experience

Millions of tools delivered per year
More than 20 years experience
Production sites on 3 continents

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