Other products

Other Products

Clamping systems

The clamping systems are used to attach cables, umbilical cables and small hoses to other risers or structures close-by.

EXSTO designs and develops custom solutions, with a wide production capacity (from a few kg to over 300kg) 

The advantages of polymers: economical, durable and lightweight solution.


Antifouling products

EXSTO anti-fouling markers have been developed over many years and used as identification markers. They optimise the use of the diver’s time and of ROVs/AUVs and DSVs during inspection, repair and maintenance.

The resistance capacity of our products is the result of extensive testing and research of over 20 years.

Mechanical Protection

Mechanical protective items are designed to protect pipes, cables and hoses during installation against abrasion and impact loads. EXSTO manufactures mechanical protective items in half-shells (HIP -half-shell impact protection).