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Rubber molding


More than 70-year experience in the production of molded rubber products

As well as supplying the finished product, we are also able to supply the moulds, manufactured by the most reliable Italian mould-makers, plus 2D and 3D design and engineering support.

Commonly EXSTO works with the following compounds, although other polymers can be developed for special requests, such as compounds in compliance of FIAT and DBL norms: FKM, EPDM, NBR, NR, SBR, HNBR, Silicone, Neoprene, Epichloridrine, Vamac, Fluorosilicone, Polyurethanes.Vamac compounds are fire-resistant, non-conductor, and low class in fumes emission (class 0).


We are also able to supply mixtures that comply with FIAT and DBL standards.

We employ the most popular rubber molding techniques, such as compression moulding, capillary injection molding, injection-compression molding and its presses are equipped with vacuum systems.

Application examples of the products we manufacture for our clients:

  • Anti-wear rubber coating of modular mill linings,
  • Shock absorbers and brakes for railways and military vehicles,
  • Bearings, journal boxes, brake pads, gaskets, valves, o-ring and oval section gaskets, caps, etc...
  • Sheets, sleeves and discs,
  • Rolls, valves for water and throttle valves also co-vulcanising rubber and metal parts,
  • Industrial gaskets for hydraulic use, for compressors, for engine heads, for freezing liquids, etc…,
  • Industrial products according to the customer’s drawing
  • Rubber bellows for a variety of uses,
  • Rubber coating of rollers from diam. 20 mm to 1500 mm, up to mm 3000 long,
  • Rubber coating of industrial wheels, also non-marking wheels,
  • Suction cups,
  • Rifle accessories, cheek pieces, and recoil pads,
  • Snow-ploughs in composite materials made of rubber, metal and corindone ceramic,
  • Various accessories for mineral screening plants, such as stellar discs and coated impact bars below the screening conveyor belt.

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During its activity, EXSTO Italia has specialised in co-vulcanising rubber and metal parts made of iron, stainless steel, aluminium and also plastic parts. We can manufacture products with an external diameter of maximum 850 mm, and we can supply zinc-coated or phosphate-coated metal parts.

Custom rubber parts

We produce custom parts, both tiny and big dimensions, thanks to our presses that can host moulds up to mm 1000×1600 with 800 ton pression, for a variety of different sectors and applications as diverse our clients are.


We can supply rubber molded parts compliant with the following norms and requirements:

  • Norms FDA, BFR (previous BGVV), D.M. 2173773, N° 1935/2004/CE for silicone and FKM (“positive list” FDA 21 CFR 177.26600),
  • Norms WRASS, D.M. 174 of 06/04/04 for potable water,
  • UNI CEI 11170 and EN 45545 (R22, R23, R24 – HL3) for flame resistance and fume emission,
  • FIAT and DBL norms,
  • EN 549 H2 for environment temperatures from -20°C to +80°C,
  • Non-marking compounds, self-estinguish and antistatic compounds.