Bend stiffeners

EXSTO designs and manufactures the most reliable and highest quality Bend stiffeners in the world.

  • Static Bend Stifener
  • Dynamic Bend Stiffener
  • Innovative Material


We have over 20 years’ experience in producing large size Bend Stiffeners.


Unique skill in terms of size, from a few kilos to more than 5 tonnes.


The development of a material specific for marine applications: ELADEEP


  • Dynamic Bend stiffener 
  • Static Bend stiffener 
  • Split Bend stiffener
  • Our Bend Stiffener products are designed for subsea and top side use at the connection point between a flexible (flexible flowline, umbilical, electric cable…) and a structure (PLEM, clamp, FPSO). The general purpose of the Bend Stiffener is to provide additional stiffness to the cable/flexible and depending on specific design parameters, to limit bending stresses and excessive curvature, by transferring the load created by the cable and installation method to the supporting structure during installation or its design life.