New website for our subsidiary Chavand Équipements

Vie de l'entreprise • 17 March 2022

Redesign of the website for Chavand Équipements which joined the EXSTO group in 2020.

New website with EXSTO's image

You will not be lost because from your first connection you will be able to see that the site was built on the same model as the one of EXSTO !

Chavand Équipements is a human-sized company located in Grigny in the Rhone department. It has a historical know-how and unique equipments combining product expertise, performance and reactivity. 

It is thus the opportunity for us to make you discover or rediscover under their best aspects, the RESIP® polyurethanes, the DISTRAM® conveyor belts and the SAMIFLEX® couplings which are the 3 flagship products of Chavand to improve the performance of the industrial equipments as well as their life span.


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