T-THANE® screening panels

• 01 July 2020

A different approach: choose screening solutions with high endurance

At EXSTO we know that the purchase price of a screen panel is an important selection criterion and is very often a deciding point in choosing between two offers.

However, in the case of wear and tear parts, the quality of the material is an essential factor to take into consideration because it directly impacts the overall cost and efficiency of your processes.

In practice, it is almost impossible to distinguish the difference in quality between 2 visually identical polyurethane panels, which often leads to poor choices.

In reality, the cost of a polyurethane, like its resistance to wear, depends intrinsically on its chemical nature and the quality of the moulding process.

This is why, very often, a cheaper offer turns out to be much less profitable in reality. This is particularly true for screen panels, the core product of aggregate processing facilities.

The advantages of a long life solution:

  • Reduction of the cost of panels in equation with processed tonnage (€/T).
  • Reduction of operating losses generated by production stoppages necessary when replacing the panels.
  • Less need to access screens for the inspection and the replacement of panels.
  • Lower administrative costs due to fewer purchases.
  • Possibility to lower stock inventory.

A product of great endurance, it is the guarantee of an overall reduction of your aggregates production costs.

This is EXSTO's commitment to its customers ... Perfecting Performance

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