Polyurethane screening surfaces

 A wide range of screening surfaces to meet your need 

Modular polyurethane panels

Many securing models:

  • I model
  • TX model
  • TXS model...

The Advantages:

  • Effectiveness: flat screening.
  • Economic return: replacement in small areas.
  • Simplicity: ease of handling and installation.
  • I model
  • TX model
  • TXS model

Stretched Canvases

Side hooks for attaching cables and inserts to your screen to keep it secure

The Advantages:

  • Exceptional lifetime compared to metal grids.


The screening mats, thanks to their flexibility can be used to treat a wide range of materials.

Two securing systems: on the side, with a mounting hole.

The Advantages:

  • Limits clogging.
  • Dynamic wear resistance.
  • with mounting hole
  • by lateral fixing

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